FireRoad/ Headline Maniac double bill @ Borderline, Thur 28/12/2017

Blow away the Christmas cobwebs with this great double bill featuring acclaimed Welsh rockers FireRoad (fresh from touring with their friends, Stereophonics) and Headline Maniac, a new band featuring three members of Eddie & The Hot Rods.


A Rock Band, Just Good Songs, Good Fun, Good Shows.

“Oh didn’t you used to be in the Stereophonics?” is the question Richard gets asked. “No” is the answer but he did play in The Tragic Love Company (pre-stereos days) after their original second guitarist and the other one who came in after him. A veteran of the Valleys music scene Rich played in The Moondogs (originals and Black Crowes, Stones covers) and Sunriser. This was before writing as an acoustic artist and playing every pub and club in Britain (Oh yeah as well as The Royal Albert Hall with Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and Kelly and Adam from the Stereophonics) before forming FireRoad. He does a bit of running, weights and he’s started painting again. What is it with Musicians and Art College!? Proud to say that of the 9589 tracks on his iPod none are illegal downloads. Where you‘ll hear artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Chris Whitley, Collective Soul and every other album released since 1764.

Again a veteran of the Welsh music scene, Matthew has seen many bands come and go. Matthew played in Rat Salad, The Vanities and Along Came Man. Along Came Man supported Status Quo and toured with 3 Colours Red and the Yo-Yos before disbanding. Matthew has also been seen playing in various bands with Mike Peters supporting really good causes. When he’s not playing the drums you’ll find him up any Welsh mountain on a bike of some sort. He will, at some point we are sure, break one of his limbs chasing his dreams of super fitness. You will find Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World on his iPod.

Gavin is an actual musician, he knows about chords, notes, scales and all sorts of others things. Gavin plays Piano, Guitar, and lots of other instruments. When he’s not playing the guitar in Fireroad he can be found listening to guitar music and playing guitars etc. Gavin likes really hot spicy food and tries his hardest to make Richard explode into a ball of flames in the studio. A real ‘gear freak’ Gavin knows pretty much all there is about his craft and is a traditionalist when it comes to equipment. He is known as the ‘Guitar Whisperer’ in certain circles. He recently met one of his heroes Joe Bonamassa who admitted he’d love to be able to play as well as Gav. Def Leppard, Joe Bonamassa and Ritchie Sambora can be found in his head and fingers at any given point.

With original Bass Player Tim Jones and then Chris Morgan leaving, due to life, Evsy (Real name probably Evsy?…) stepped in. Originally a ‘stand-in’ he learned all the songs and thought “Ah may as well stay.” Luckily for us. The downside? Evsy is like one of those kids that have to wake everybody up once he’s awake. He’s easy going, works hard and is a great addition to the band. Evsy loves old school rock. Love/Hate, Motley Crue etc and then Nirvana changed his life. If you find a man with a baseball cap and a nuclear-powered e-cig in one of our gigs chances are you’ll find our bassist. Just don’t ask him to learn ’20th Century Boy’…


Three ordinary guys who have toured the world with “pioneer of Punk” legends, EDDIE & THE HOT RODS, for over ten years, playing the biggest festivals, arenas and club gigs in almost every part of the world. HEADLINE MANIAC is our own band, we write our own songs and we have our own record label. Our explosive arrival on the music scene back in August 2016 has seen us gain a reputation for being one of the most exciting and dynamic live acts in the UK. Our self-titled debut studio album received widespread acclaim from both music press and producers. Steve Lillywhite producer for U2, The Rolling Stones, and Thirty Seconds to Mars, to name but a few, said: ”Headline Maniac is a very good album with a great sound, well done”.

Rock radio stations were quick to follow suit in both the UK and USA with Philadelphia-based station U-Rock Network calling the album: “One of the best new albums to come out of the UK for a long time”. Many stations made opening track ‘Idiot Me’ their single of the week.

Thursday 28th December, 2017, 7pm-10:00pm

First band on at 7:30pm

Borderline, Orange Yard, Manette St, London W1D 4JB

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